Summer camp gives riders the opportunity to ride every day and improve more quickly

Beginner- Half Day Camp

For boys and girls ages 6-10 featuring instruction in riding and horse care. This camp is designed for beginner to novice riders. Beginners learn to properly groom, tack and understand the correct design of position and aids to walk, trot, halt and steer the horse. Trail riding and games are a part of each lesson. On Friday there is an opportunity for riders to demonstrate what they have learned for parents, family and friends.

Riding boots and ASTM/SEI approved helmet required. Riding hats and boots may be borrowed from Grovespring.

Grovespring Farm in Culpeper, Virginia



Grovespring Farm in Culpeper, Virginia

Ages 6-18. Bring your own horse or pony or use one of ours.

The full day camp will be more intense and in depth. Not only will we have the opportunity to ride at least twice during the course of the day, we will cover more stable material. In addition to grooming, tacking and basic horse care, we will delve into: lunging, bandaging, lameness, shoeing, shipping and nutrition. Campers will have the opportunity to talk with the veterinarian, equine dentist and farrier during the course of the week.

On the horses there will be sessions in the ring, as well as cross country. We use the American National Riding Commission (ANRC) standards of riding. We have had guest instructors like Paul Cronin (2009 USEF Pegasus award winner and author of Riding and Schooling the Sport Horse) teach and judge in the past. 



Campers must be able to canter a course to enroll in this camp. Ages 8-18. Horse showing will be our focus. We will not only be getting ready to ride in a show, but will also be getting the horse clipped, pulled, and braided. Campers will learn about show prep for a one day show and for a multi-day show. What to pack and how to get the trailer ready. . .


Grovespring Farm in Culpeper, Virginia

2024 Sessions

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